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Liviana Conti is the Italian mastermind behind inventive knitting.

Open to experimentation, the knitwear she produces is the very thing that leads us to discover the stylist's personality.

Her world of perceptions finds expression in a product which is essential yet refined, the progeny of a conceptual art which makes a cult of our times out of a refined minimalism.

The product, the very synonym of quality, created with craftsman-like care, evokes something of the haiku, the greatest poetic expression where the imagination lingers over a detail to bring us the very essence inherent in it.


Renovated in 2015, the new Liviana Conti headquarter is a modern reinterpretation of a building that used to be was a factory of tomato preserves. The architect who refurbished the building has kept the wheels of the mill, the smokestack, the tanks and the mysterious tunnels as original elements. The interiors have been renovated keeping an eye on the old structure as well as the outside. The original architectural volumes have been untouched and glass walls have sized the space. The key point of the whole refurbishment has been the enhancement of the emotions instilled by the elder architecture. Lights, technology and raw materials will be the background of a world of pleasures and harmony.

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